Bin Store Cleaning

Your bin storage area can get just as dirty as your bin, with the overflow of rubbish. Of course this can often result in very unpleasant odours. Those bad smells can make the area an unwelcome place to visit, but not for unwanted guests like flies, wasps, mice and rats. Send them packing with our professional bin store cleaning service.

Using our specialist water jetting equipment, we will blast away the built-up rubbish and get rid of stubborn stains, leaving the whole area looking and smelling fresh.

When combined with our bin cleaning service, this will ensure that your bin storage area is kept hygienic and will greatly reduce the risk of infestations.

Get a quote today and help keeps the rats at bay. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help you. Whether you need cleaning work doing at your home or your business, we can provide a tailor made service.